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Difference Between Open Pole Barn Kits and Enclosed Pole Barn Kits: What Foley, AL Should Know

If you're considering building a pole barn in Foley, AL, you might be wondering whether to choose an open or enclosed pole barn kit. Understanding the key differences between these options can help you make an informed decision. Both types offer unique benefits and can serve various functions depending on your needs. Whether you need additional storage, a workspace, or a shelter for livestock, selecting the right kind of pole barn is crucial.

In this article, we’ll delve into the basics of open and enclosed pole barn kits, explore their key features, and weigh the advantages and disadvantages for residents of Foley, AL. Understanding these aspects will better equip you to make the right choice for your project, ensuring that your pole barn meets all your needs and expectations.

Understanding the Basics of Open Pole Barn Kits

Open pole barn kits are a popular choice for many residents in Foley, AL because they offer simplicity and flexibility. These kits feature a basic structure with a roof supported by poles but without walls. This open design allows for easy access and maximum ventilation, making them perfect for storing large equipment, hay, or livestock.

One of the primary benefits of open pole barn kits is their cost-effectiveness. Because they require fewer materials, open pole barns are generally cheaper and quicker to build than enclosed ones. This makes them an economical choice for people who need a functional space without a hefty price tag. The open design also means that assembly is more straightforward, requiring less time and labor.

Key Features of Enclosed Pole Barn Kits

Enclosed pole barn kits offer added protection and security, making them a great option for those who need to safeguard their belongings from weather and theft. These kits come with walls and often include doors and windows. This enclosed design provides a controlled environment, which is ideal for sensitive storage needs like machinery, vehicles, or even workshops.

One of the standout features of enclosed pole barn kits is their ability to offer year-round usability. The walls protect against wind, rain, and even pests, making it possible to use the space no matter the season. This is particularly useful in Foley, AL, where the weather can be unpredictable. Insulating the walls can further enhance comfort, allowing you to work or store items in a stable environment.

Security is another significant advantage of enclosed pole barns. With lockable doors and the option to install windows, these structures provide peace of mind that your valuable items are safe. This is particularly important if you plan to store expensive equipment or vehicles. You can also customize the interior layout with shelves, workbenches, and other features to suit your specific needs.

Though they come at a higher cost and take longer to build than open pole barns, the benefits of added protection and flexibility often outweigh these drawbacks. For many residents in Foley, AL, the extra investment in an enclosed pole barn kit pays off in the long run by providing a secure, versatile, and comfortable space.

Pros and Cons for Foley, AL Residents

When deciding between open and enclosed pole barn kits, weighing the pros and cons specific to Foley, AL is helpful. Different needs and environmental factors can impact which type of pole barn is the better choice for your property.

Pros of Open Pole Barn Kits:

1. Cost-Effective: Open kits are generally cheaper, requiring fewer materials and less labor.

2. Quick Installation: The simpler design means faster construction.

3. Excellent Ventilation: Open sides offer great airflow, which is beneficial for livestock or storing materials like hay.

4. Versatility: Easily repurpose the space for different needs like storage, animal shelter, or outdoor events.

Cons of Open Pole Barn Kits:

1. Less Protection: Lack of walls means less protection from weather and pests.

2. Limited Security: Open sides make it easier for theft and vandalism to occur.

3. Seasonal Use: Difficult to use comfortably during harsh weather conditions.

Pros of Enclosed Pole Barn Kits:

1. Weather Protection: Walls provide shelter from wind, rain, and sun.

2. Enhanced Security: Lockable doors and windows increase safety.

3. Year-Round Usability: More comfortable to use in all seasons, especially with insulation.

4. Customizable Interior: Easier to install shelves, workbenches, and other features.

Cons of Enclosed Pole Barn Kits:

1. Higher Costs: More materials and labor make these kits more expensive.

2. Longer Build Time: More complex design takes longer to construct.

Choosing the Right Kit for Your Needs in Foley, AL

Selecting the right pole barn kit involves considering various factors, especially your specific needs and the unique conditions in Foley, AL. Think about what you intend to use the space for and how often you will need it throughout the year.

Assess Your Needs:

1. Storage vs. Usability: An open pole barn may suffice for simple storage of large equipment or livestock. However, if you need more secure, weather-protected, or even climate-controlled space, an enclosed pole barn is a better fit.

2. Budget Constraints: Consider how much you are willing to spend. An open pole barn is more affordable, but the long-term benefits of an enclosed pole barn might justify the extra cost.

3. Location-Specific Considerations: Foley's humid and occasionally stormy weather might make an enclosed pole barn an attractive option despite the higher initial investment.

Utility Considerations:

1. Climate Control: Enclosed pole barns can be insulated and equipped with heating and cooling systems, making them suitable for use as workshops or offices.

2. Security Needs: Enclosed pole barns provide added security, essential for valuable equipment or sensitive materials. If security is a high priority, this will influence your choice.

3. Flexibility: If you plan to use the barn for multiple purposes over time, it might be worth investing in an enclosed pole barn for its adaptability and protection.


Understanding the differences between open and enclosed pole barn kits helps residents of Foley, AL, make informed decisions that fit their needs and budget. Both types of kits have unique advantages and drawbacks, so weighing these against your specific requirements is vital.

Are you ready to choose the perfect pole barn kit? Contact us at Backwoods Buildings today. We offer the highest quality kits and materials to help you build a pole barn that suits your needs. Let's get started on creating the perfect space for you!

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