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Build a Custom Equine Pole Barn with Backwoods Buildings

Southeast USA is home to a vibrant community of horse lovers who value the benefits of owning a custom-designed pole barn to protect and care for their equine companions. At Backwoods Buildings, we understand the importance of offering the optimal combination of functionality, comfort, and style to cater to the needs of horse owners. For over two decades, we have consistently provided the highest quality pole barn kits, materials, and workmanship at affordable prices throughout the Florida panhandle area.

If you're a horse lover seeking a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional equine facility, our experts at Backwoods Buildings can guide you through the journey of designing and constructing the perfect custom pole barn tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're a horse owner looking to store hay, tack, and equipment, or an equestrian enthusiast seeking a safe and comfortable riding arena, our skilled team can accommodate your unique requirements.

In this blog post, we will share invaluable tips and ideas on designing your dream custom pole barn specifically catered to horse lovers. You'll learn about the essential elements to consider when planning an equine facility, from stall design and layout to ventilation, lighting, and more. Additionally, we'll discuss top-quality materials, finishes, and customizations that will elevate your pole barn to fulfill your vision and provide the ultimate shelter for you and your horses.

Crucial Elements in Designing Custom Pole Barns for Horse Lovers

Implementing specific design elements in your custom pole barn will significantly enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your equine facility. The following considerations will give you and your horses a safe, comfortable, and practical environment:

1. Stall Design and Layout: A well-designed stall is the centerpiece of any equine facility. When designing your custom pole barn, consider the optimum size for your horses' stalls, ensuring they have ample space for comfort and free movement. Additionally, plan the layout to facilitate easy access for feedings, cleaning, and other routine tasks.

2. Ventilation and Temperature Control: Proper ventilation is integral to the health and welfare of your horses. Plan for adequate air circulation and temperature control, using methods such as natural cross-ventilation, powered fans, or ridge vents. Consider insulation options to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the changing seasons.

3. Flooring and Drainage: Select flooring materials that provide comfort, durability, and easy maintenance. Rubber mats over a well-draining base, such as gravel or limestone, is an excellent choice for cushioning and durability. Also, pay close attention to the grading of your site to facilitate proper drainage and minimize the risk of water pooling and flooding.

4. Lighting: Incorporate ample lighting both inside and outside your custom pole barn to ensure safety and ease of use. LED lighting is an energy-efficient, long-lasting option that provides bright and consistent illumination.

Customizing Your Equine Pole Barn with Functional and Stylish Options

Backwoods Buildings offers the opportunity for numerous customizations to elevate your custom pole barn's aesthetics and provide additional functionality tailored to horse lovers. Consider these options:

1. Tack and Storage Rooms: Design storage spaces for essential equipment, such as tack, feed, hay, and grooming items. Properly organized storage keeps your facility tidy, enhances efficiency, and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

2. Wash Rack and Grooming Area: A designated wash and grooming area simplifies daily maintenance tasks and ensures a stress-free, comfortable experience for your horses. Choose non-slip surfaces, appropriate drainage, and easy access to water sources when designing these spaces.

3. Riding Arenas: Incorporate an enclosed or covered riding arena into your custom pole barn design, providing a comfortable space to ride, train, and exercise your horses regardless of weather conditions. An indoor arena allows for year-round use and offers protection from the elements.

4. Aesthetic Appeal: Enhance your custom pole barn's visual appeal with customized exterior finishes and landscaping. Options such as wainscoting, cupolas, and ornamental windows add an elegant touch, while thoughtfully designed landscaping improves overall curb appeal.

Safety Features for Your Equine Sanctuary

Incorporating safety features in your custom pole barn is essential for both you and your horses' well-being. Keep these precautions in mind during the design process:

1. Secure Fencing and Gates: Plan for secure fencing around your custom pole barn, preventing your horses from wandering off and keeping predators out. When selecting gates, consider their ease of operation and their ability to withstand wear and tear.

2. Fire Safety Measures: Implement fire safety precautions to protect your investment and ensure the safety of your animals. Include fire extinguishers, proper electrical wiring, and clearly marked emergency exits in your custom pole barn designs.

3. Anti-Cribbing Measures: To prevent horses from chewing on the wooden structures within your pole barn, consider installing metal or plastic anti-chewing strips on exposed wood surfaces.


Designing your dream custom pole barn for horse lovers is an exciting and rewarding process that ensures your equine companions have a comfortable and safe environment. By considering essential design elements, customized features, safety measures, and functionality, you can create the perfect equine sanctuary tailored to your unique preferences.

When you're ready to embark on your custom pole barn journey, our experienced team at Backwoods Buildings is here to guide you every step of the way. Rely on our expertise and extensive knowledge in producing high-quality, affordable Florida pole barns to make your dream equine facility a reality. Fill out our Pole Barn Quote form, or call our office today to get started on your custom pole barn for horse lovers!

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